Date: Oct 13, 2021

Label: Independent

Crew: Marcos Garcia & Matheus Calache

Mixing, mastering and graphic art: Marcos Garcia

Filming crew: Frederico & Theo Zaccaro


An empty hole, in my chest

The pain is endless my friend

I never felt this way my friend

It’s hard to explain

But here I am

Singing again

Some words that maybe nobody will understand

And I do not feel they can

But here I am

They say I was a hero

I was just being myself

And this should not be a surprise

Tell me - was it enough?

Sometimes I wish to be a hero

And save the one I could not

Time passes

Wounds may heal

But the pain still burns inside

Time passes

Wounds should heal

Cutting tears that fall

I wish to believe

That we have something after this

And you may be ok

I cannot live with these beliefs

Otherwise I would not be here

But they insist that I believe

A lot of crap about some mission

And I know you just want to help

But please respect my position

Otherwise … (I would not be here)

I’m standing here in front of you

You can see

I stay strong in the path I have

I will cry and I will fall sometimes

You will see

But I will stand here in front of you again!


lyrics, vocals, backing vocals, rhythm guitar


rhythm and solo guitar, bass, drums


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