Date: March 24, 2021

Album: A New Beginning

Version: Remastered

Label: Independent

Mixing, mastering and graphic art: Marcos Garcia


If you are worried about tomorrow

And the war that may arrive

If you are afraid not to wake up again

Afraid to dream I will pass another day

You can create the future on your own

You can manipulate all around you

Tomorrow will still be there again

Now, get out of this edge and go on

Tomorrow !!! Will never die !!!

Tomorrow !!! Will never die !!!

Tomorrow !!! Will never die !!!

Tomorrow !!! Will never die !!!

Don’t try to change the future that was created

Don’t keep thinking about the past no more

Live the present with all you can

Cause tomorrow will never die

Marcos Garcia

Estevan Soares

William Pelegrino

Gabriel Soares

Matheus Calache


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"Brother, this album is a remix and remaster (without bla bla bla) from the disk recorded in 2006 and released in 2008. In addition to the original content, this new work has some cool bonus.

BEGINNING was the first full lenght released by Vartroy as a band. It was done completely independently."